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Bling Bling Online have been providing quality hiphop bling jewellery for over 10 years - we lead the way whilst others follow! - just compare our site to others, they copy our design, our layouts, wording and they even try to copy our products! but they make cheap thin copies with poor quality metals, and send it with a crappy low quality chain thats better off being used as the chain for a bath plug!! - Our gear is the highest quality on the net - GUARANTEED! - Don't forget you get what you pay for ;)

Along with this we have EXCLUSIVE hiphop jewellery that you just can't buy elsewhere, such as our hiphop belts, Bling Rosary Chains, Men's bling rings, hiphop chains, Shamballa Bracelets, Urban Clothing, Jackets, T-Shirts & Bling Bling Pendants. We proudly offer the best price, the best quality and the best service in hiphop bling jewellery in the UK

We don't sell cheap nasty stoneless peices of junk made of thin tin that you see elsewhere. Forget them - educate yourself with us, make a smart purchase - your street cred is worth it!

Our Prices and Service are just as quality as our gear – so come in, look around, and get yourself hooked up!

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee


“Thanks so much Bling Bling, your delivery was quick man! and I'm well pleased with my chain, its off the hook!  
Mr T Babatunde 
“Man, gotta give you some prop's the gear I received today was much better then I thought, it sparkles just like real diamonds, I'm gonna look good in da hood!
Mr A Singh